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Book cover - Journey to Self-Enlightenment Journey to Self-Enlightenment

by Rose “Shuneaj” Sangregorio
This book is based on a compilation of classes I have taught and the information I have received from the masters for providing instruction in the self-enlightenment process. It is written with the intention that your journey to self-enlightenment is a joyful and graceful time of self-discovery as you express who you truly are.

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Journey to Self-Enlightenment is a very useful guide and reference book in the journey of any spiritual aspirant.  It makes a great how-to companion to Tolle's book, The New Earth.  Aspirants will find themselves referring to Journey to Self-Enlightnment often!

Dear all, I have often heard people lament that they wished there was a book that explained the fundamentals of spirituality. Likewise, when I speak with someone who is beginning on the path, they often ask if there is a book that they can buy that explains all of this. Up to know, I have pretty much shrugged my shoulders. Now, there is a book that explains the fundamentals - and more - it also explains how to put them into practice. The book is Journey to Self-Enlightenment by Rose "Shuneaj" Sangregorio.

- Michael Hendrickson, Retired Partner, Big 4 Acconting Firm


Journey to

by Rose "Shuneaj" Sangregorio

Self published by Metaphysical Center of
Canada Corporation

Rose wrote this book as compilation of classes with the goal of
bringing spirit into matter or heaven to earth. She says a refinement
and purification on all levels is required to accomplish this
along with a daily spiritual practice if you wish to reach self-enlightenment.
A practical guide with exercises to help integrate the
changes into your daily life as spiritual growth happens.

The book provides a review of many ideas and books that I
have looked at over the years and puts into perspective various
terms as well a listing of who is who in the spiritual world.

Rose says she learned the hard way to accept her psychic skills
and in the process discovered that by healing herself, she could
truly be of service to the world.

September & October 2009; page 33 
Reviews with Angele



Your book, Rose, explained the Masters beautifully and with great detail. Not only did I have such a good, warm feeling when reading your book, but it also brought more clarity and understanding. It contains amazing insights as well as practical applications. I am always keeping it with me, it has become my 'spiritual guide', a well written, comprehensive guide and it is such a pleasure to read."

Birgit Carviel
Cumberland, B.C.

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Meditation CD's Guided by Rose Sangregorio "Shuneaj"

This is part of a spiritual purification process that helps you identify energy imbalances (beliefs and thought patterns), their origin within the four body systems and chakras, which block a person from expressing their higher self and creative abilities. By transforming and clearing the imbalanced energies the healed and balanced aspects of the self are reintegrated so that wholeness, peace and awareness in day-to-day living can be experienced.

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