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19th of January, 2018
Healing Night Calgary, Alberta - In Person, Live Online & Virtual Too! Jan 19 2018

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This evening is like a private session with Rose – perhaps better, as some of the issues/questions that are addressed are relatable to everyone – attendees have commented they could not have thought of all the different aspects, that are brought up during the evening, on their own.

Upon registration, you start to receive energy to prepare you for the evening and you become part of the matrix that gets created for the transformation, healing and clearings.

Some attendees will be able to ask a question for Rose to assist to transform theirs and the group energies. If you are out of town, or you cannot attend in person, you may register to join and receive all the energy transformations that are done. Everyone who has signed up will receive the energies of transformation and clearing even if you do not have the opportunity to ask a question directly to Rose.

If you are joining us live online, the price of this event is higher than regular Healing Online with Rose as it is a 2.5 hour event.

For more information contact our office at lightcenter@metacenter.ca or +1-403-295-7507

January 19 7:00 to 9:30 pm

20th of January, 2018
Creating Harmony in All Aspects of Your Life! Jan 21/22 2018 Sat 10-5 Sun 9:30-4

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Do you wish to have harmony in all aspects of your life?

Do you have harmony in one part of your life but not in another part?
Do you desire inner peace, well-being and a profound sense of contentment?
Imagine life where everything flows into place and unfolds with ease and grace.
Imagine this for yourself and in y our life and the possibilities that open to you.
During this weekend you will receive understanding on how to reach this state of being so that you can begin and continue to move into more and more harmonious states of being in all that goes on around  and within you.
We will spend time in self-reflection and learning how to integrate harmony into everyday life. How to find your own path, at this time, to bring you more happiness and joy.
Throughout the weekend Rose 'Shuneaj' will lead you in her unique way. She will assist you to unlock the potential of your true self and how to transform the limitations that stop you from living life in harmony with all this within and around you.

Location is Freemason's Hall Calgary
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 9:30 - 4

27th of January, 2018
Meditation and Messages (Live Online or Virtual) FIRST DATE OF 3

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Don’t miss out!

If you cannot join us live online join us energetically. The event will be recorded and sent to you so you can download to your computer or mp3 player.

The links for joining us live online will be emailed out one day before the event.

The set of three events are January 27, February 24 & March 24, 2018. Or you can purchase each one individually.

Each Meditation Night consists of a Lecture and a Meditation.
Lecture: Rose and the Spiritual Guidance that comes through at each lecture is based on group consciousness and the collective consciousness of the Earth and the Universe. Therefore, we do not know ahead of time what will be covered in a lecture. To give a title or description to each lecture would be understating it completely because of the dynamic nature in which spirit flows in the moment. Insights from the spiritual plane benefit everyone at all levels and healing will occur for anyone listening to the lecture.

Meditation or Group Healing: These meditations are brought through in the moment and are inspired by Spirit through Rose. Titles for the meditations are not always given due to the different types and volume of information given. All meditations connect you at all levels of creation and heal any energies that would separate you from your conscious connection at all levels of creation. Based on Guidance the end of the session will be either another meditation or a group healing based on what is brought forward at the event.

If you can’t join us online live:  people typically sit and tune in with the group energies during the Calgary time frame or, if otherwise busy or sleeping ‘intend’ to be present. It is quite amazing what you can sense, feel, or dream when the group is actually in session. You are still part of the energy matrix and receive the healings, activations and initiations.

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